"The Best of Me - N"
"The Best of M - O"
"The Best of Me - J"
"The Best of Me" L" -SOLD
"The Best of Me - R "- SOLD
"The Best of Me - I"
"The Best of Me" - P
"The Best of Me - Q" - SOLD
"The Best of Me - U" - SOLD
"The Best of Me - V"
"The Best of Me - W"
"The Best of Me - T" - SOLD
"The Best of Me - 2"
"The Best of Me - Z" - SOLD
"Haybales on Menemsha" - SOLD
"Spring I"
"Breaking Up/Indian Burrito"
"it's Okay"
"I Hope He Gets Eaten By a Bear"
"Irene" - SOLD
"Nick and Nicole" - SOLD
"Spaces in Between" - SOLD
"Over Scott's Couch"
"Spring II"
"Another Opportunity for Growth
"Sweet and Sour Love"
"Good Friday" - SOLD
"Pomegranates" - SOLD
"Vacation" - SOLD
"Spaces In Between - Flowers"
"Desire" - SOLD
"Hey Mom! Watch!" - SOLD
"Sheep" - SOLD
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